I am a strategic consultant for individuals and businesses looking to grow beyond their current reach and handle their next phase with strategy & grace. 

I specialize in creative types and entrepreneurs who seek to make sense of the chaos of business. My clients and I work hand in hand to make an organized, calm, and fruitful life. I work with galleries, ceramic artists, photographers, writers, textile producers, textile dyers, woodworkers, interior designers, e-commerce websites, mass production companies, and one-of-a-kind producers.  

Working together begins with meetings that help me become an advocate for the client. I either take on full projects or create a plan to reach goals. Broad subjects and projects that I cover include:

Market Analysis & Strategy 
Media / Public Relations
Brand Development, Management 
Systematic Organization
Production Management
Product Development 
Sales Strategy, Outreach, Management 
Business Development 
Market Analysis, Strategy 
Financial Planning
Crowdfunding planning & implementation 
Content Strategy 
E-Commerce Strategy 

"Artists who don't risk asking themselves hard questions about what they are doing, and about what others are doing, can't grow. The dialogue is necessary in order to see the work, and find out its relationship with the world. Simply looking at work won't do it; we're just too close to it." - Joseph Kosuth