The 6-Month Business Foundations Program

set goals | build systems | tackle projects

This program will help you build the foundation, create the systems, and choose the projects that will sustain and evolve your business. We, experienced business owners ourselves, are here to guide you and your business towards growth. This program is the catalyst for deep shifts that reverberate out into your industry. And! You will have support every step of the way!

Why a program? 

There are patterns and ways to help you feel more supported in the work you do. The program aims to help you build a logistical foundation while upholding your ideals and goals.


  • Strengthen the essential parts of your business like productivity planning, goal outlines, financial growth plans, and systems

  • Give you exercises that aren't busy work, but definitely work

  • Find opportunities for growth and a happier day-to-day life

  • We remind you of your strengths to help you stay true to your individual routines and needs

  • Create and compile information that is accessible, approachable, and applicable

Who is this for?

The participants have control over how much time they spend on each subject and are given the opportunity to deep dive, skim, or return to prior assignments. Overall, each type of person that participates thrives by dedicating time away from their usual routine. This new focus aids in growth & transformation.

The people who love the program:

  • ... are new & seasoned business owners who need an re-boot, whether that's emotional or logistical

  • ... in a growth phase, and want help getting to the next level

  • ... love what they do, but feel a little tired and lost

  • ... want to figure out the why, how, when of their work 

What’s in it for you?

6-months of resources & assignments to solidify all subjects and aid in your growth and strengthening. No busy-work allowed.

Choose and complete a special project. We’ll help you stay on track and advise as you need it.

A dedicated facilitator who is invested in you and your goals, shares insight and encouragement, and lends a critical eye to your work. And a team working together behind the scenes to answer questions and find solutions to bolster your support

Bi-monthly workshop/co-working hours with facilitators to answer your questions and help you set aside time to think BIG

Five hour-long, one-on-one sessions with your facilitator to get to know you, your business, and how we can best serve your needs

  • INTRODUCTION | Prepare & orient

  •  Discovery | strengths, weaknesses, goals (month 1)

  • Systems | goal PLANNING, financial cashflow (month 2)

  • Analysis | your market (Month 3)

  • Apply | marketing strategieS (Month 4)

  • Systems | overview & fine-tune Month 5 & 6)

Cost of the program is either $1950 ($325/mo) or $2950 ($490/mo) depending on your choice of facilitator

Worth every penny!

I can totally understand people feeling trepidatious and I remember being nervous myself about making the investment BUT the monthly payments turned out to be super manageable and the support given in the group / one on one calls and via email immediately made it feel like I was getting a really high return on investment. Not to mention the positive effect I’m already seeing the program have in my life.
— Julia Somers, E-Commerce Consultant
The course materials were a wonderful mix of research and the interpretation of that research. It made the materials feel relatable.
— Zinzi Edmundson, Knit Wit Magazine
Working with Sarah was like slipping into a warm bath. I felt enveloped by her guidance and support throughout the program.
— Madeleine Boga, The Fieldery
Sarah is so easy to talk to and supportive, I’m so grateful for her belief in me and my business and her creation of a community of other small business owners.
— Meghan Navoy, Rosemarine Textiles
I’ve never been clearer or happier in my work — and that came from examining every detail of my business and getting helpful feedback from the program. 
— Devin Kate Pope, Kindred Word Studio