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At the core of every business is money. Understanding your finances and accounting is not rocket science  — it’s actually a skill that you can acquire. Generally, building a cashflow is about making sure that the “ins” and “outs” of your business are on target — and, if they’re not, it’s about figuring out why and then coming up with solutions to help you both stay afloat and thrive.

Over the last five years, Anchor & Orbit has worked with hundreds of businesses, helping them achieve their goals and, you guessed it, build a cashflow spreadsheet that helps them understand the current financial state and project the potential for their business in the future.

Sarah, the founder of Anchor & Orbit, will conduct live virtual workshops to help you understand and achieve your financial goals. For two hours, 15 participants will learn how to build their own cashflow analysis, troubleshoot with Sarah and get all of their questions about their business’ cashflow answered. Interested? Get in touch below and we will send you the details.


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