Transformative Campaigns for Social Justice

Social justice and community engagement. 

Is it a faux pax to connect the efforts of a social movement campaign to use to our benefit in the product & sales sphere? I believe in brands that have depth.

A past of hard work, education ... depth. You can come across a number of brands and people who have the right logo or the right photographer, but are they able to deliver? Does their brand have a depth to withstand growth and sustain itself? 

Read my inspiration here. 

Quoting this beautiful article: 

1) Start with Values and Vision
2) Intentionally Sequence, and Plan to Implement, Structural Reforms
3) Engage, Constantly, in the Battle of Ideas
4) Commit to Scale: Embrace Culture Work, Civic Engagement, Field-Building, & the Technologies and Partnerships to Achieve Them
5) Trust in Leaderful Networks Taking Direct Action
6) Shift Individualism to Interdependence
7) Create Solutions for All of Us Through an Inclusive, Specific and Targeted Approach
8) Move Into a “Forward Stance” and Expand the Realm of What Is Possible