Finances & Market Analysis

Talking about money is very hip these days — and it’s about time!

You’re running a business, and even if you’re a QuickBooks wiz, cash flow and strategy is a whole other ballgame.

As we told you before, when we talk about “growth” we mean  “strengthening” and what’s that code for? SECURITY. And that will come with a deep understanding of your money and learning how to anticipate what’s coming (or not) - all of that wrapped in a neat bow we call analysis.

We’ll help you uncover your personal and business financial responsibilities, make sure your goals align with your pricing and service offerings, then explore your cash flow analysis.

When we’re done with finances, we’ll move on to exploring your market. No small feat! We believe in the internet being a beautiful place of information, exploration, and creative fodder. Even if it feels uncomfortable, we want to look at who is doing what you’re doing and figure out where you fit in your industry.

Anchor & Orbit’s Business Foundations Program gave me the tools and philosophies I needed to get my business and my projects on track through process architecting and cash flow analysis. I now have a clear picture of what I’m working with, what I need, and more importantly, what I want.
— Shannon Byrne

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