Meet the Facilitators — Summer 2018

We are so thrilled to introduce our Summer 2018 Facilitators. Each is a program alumnus and a small business owner. Check out their businesses, motivations, and testimonials. 

Brittany Luby

Brittany Luby is the owner & art director of Hey Ma Goods Co., an inspired and intersectional apparel and accents brand from Oakland, Calif. She is an East Coast transplant by way of Trinidadian parents and happy to call California home. Her business was born out of a combination of circumstances: the need to create with her own hands, a playful passion for design + curation, and a desire to take control of her future. 

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Her notes about the program:

Working with Sarah was the investment I needed not only for my business but for myself. A&O's approach to meet you where you are and to encourage strategic thinking while dreaming big is the perfect way to tease out those shoot-for-the-stars goals and to achieve them while growing big time. In the simplest terms, Sarah teaches you how to till your own garden. With consistent time and care, it's impossible not to see the buds blossom and bloom.

Shannon Byrne

Shannon is a writer, marketer, podcast producer, editorial director, and music curator. With a decade of professional experience, she helps people, brands, and publications connect with their audiences through storytelling and strategy. She works across a variety of industries with a passion for working with brands that promote environmental sustainability. Her portfolio can be found here.

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She has a podcast called The Process - an interview series exploring the process of survival as a creative. Folks from a variety of fields share their experiences with money, mental health, relationships, the media, marketing, and the process of making. She's also the founder of A Song A Day, a community of volunteer curators who sent hand-picked songs to thousands of inboxes across the globe for three years. In that time, she also produced a series of concerts benefiting Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Arts for LA.

When not working on various projects, she can be found traveling, exploring, hiking, attending concerts, or reading books about 1960s counterculture.

Kate Kellman

Kate is the co-founder of Of Note Stationers, a paper goods and bespoke design company that encourages mindful connection. She is also a coordinator and collaborator for Freelance Wisdom, which is how she found her way to being a member of the first-ever Anchor & Orbit 4-month program.

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This program convinced her that Of Note's success comes from clearly setting goals, backward planning to meet those goals, and creating systems to execute, track, and analyze those goals. She is looking forward to spreading the wealth of Anchor & Orbit's materials to this next class and is excited to offer insights from her product based business.

Devin Kate Pope

Devin is the founder of Kindred Word, a writing and content direction studio for people who want to build their business through storytelling. With a background in journalism and a penchant for writing poetry, Devin brings an eye for telling stories with neither cliche nor boredom in sight.


Her specialties include writing ebooks and courses, and journalistic-style articles. Devin is thrilled to be facilitating the A&O program because she believes in it wholeheartedly -- taking the program last year lead her to a new level of understanding and loving her business.

Claire Seizovic

Claire is a Tucson-based creative strategist, brand specialist, and experience designer who connects people to brands and each other. She co-founded CULTIVATE Tucson, a collective that builds pop-up events to share emerging talent and spaces; introduce small businesses and nonprofits to each other, and create a collaborative environment for the community.

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Throughout all of her work, she bridges the gap between design & experiences and brings innovative collaborations to life. When she’s not designing brands and experiences, she plays violin in the Southern Arizona Symphony, explores the Sonoran desert with her fiancé, and learns all she can about art crime and cultural heritage protection.

I can’t say enough good things about this program; it’s such a breath of fresh air! I’m facilitating because I see the goal-oriented and systems-building work in this course as instrumental for any business looking to level up, and I want to help other business owners work through it all.

I love how the approachable and actionable tactics and processes learned here can be applied to a business at any stage. My business (and life) have honestly changed so much with the mindset shifts learned in this program through the guidance of Sarah’s resources and expertise. I really look forward to walking other business owners through these tactics for re-focusing and grounding their business, and truly putting the fun back into it all.