Quiet The Noise

I've been thinking about my contribution to the Internet. The place of endless information — distracting and enlightening.

  1. The information superhighway bridges the gap between worlds with news and global connection.

  2. The information superhighway filled with distractions.

I hear about the stress of daily derailment. Along with productivity, it is the struggle to maintain the inner voice that hurts a business owner most. The company and the person running it can be confused as the same entity, and are required to have a (seemingly) perfect online persona. Along with that pressure, the distraction of competition and the pressure they feel to compete can be debilitating.

If the internet has opened up the doors to businesses, how do we continue to use it while not getting wrapped up in the mess of it all?

Marketing (It works. It’s hard.): Telling people who you are, what you do, and how to get what you're selling. But this is how we got  into this mess in the first place. Technology we didn’t understand, rules we make up as we go, and a target market that seems to shift constantly.  

Find your story: Not just a "who are you" in general, but also your story this week, or this month. The overall brand story gets old. Involve yourself in a project, get comfortable with your products, new and old, and tell a real story that your customers and clients what to follow. A safe assumption, instead of the usual one, is that you're not repeating yourself and people do want to know what you're working on.

— Mine is a quiet, concentrated participation. It has not much to do with an algorithm and a lot to do with my people and their needs. I believe in deep human connection. I believe in tribes. And I believe in doing what feels right for you, your time, your people, and your business.

Find your customer: Speaking of your people, what does your client want and what are you doing to capture them? Create an ideal customer profile with a few variations. What do you want them to know and how do you think they'd like to be reached?

— The business owners I work with are already overwhelmed. They're tight on time and I never want to be an added distraction. I want to limit my contribution to the noise and provide meaningful content.

Find your fun: I say this a lot, maybe every time I write something new, but (like I said above) repeating important information never hurts. Life is too short, and business is too hard to not have fun with it.

— Breaking the mold is fun for me. I've never been a straight and narrow person, and I love the idea that I am going against the typical social media strategy and finding a path that feels authentic and new.

Here is the plan, for now:

12-9 photos a month. That's it.

I will plan my story with strategy. I will give a big picture, portfolio feeling with more information in the comments if it works.  I will have to work hard, which is great. Protecting my community from more noise, which is what they need most, the people I want to work with will come.