What We Aren’t

We are not: Convenient

There’s never enough time unless you make the time. You can wait until next quarter, next year, or next decade. There will never be enough time unless you prioritize it.

We are not: Creating “passive income” for ourselves

There are a lot of online programs available these days, which is great - the more the merrier! We built ours to be interactive, malleable and, of course, effective.

The key differentiation for us is that the materials aren’t the end, they’re just the beginning. You work and our writing is where we start. Throughout the program we’re right there with you, checking your assignments, answering your emails, showing up to workshop days, and having one-on-one sessions.

We are not: For everyone

We’re dedicated, a little “woo” and really care for our people. We take a holistic approach to your business and don’t feel that every answer/road/path is for everyone. We leave room for questions, new perspectives, and boundaries.

We are not: School

We aren’t the principal waiting to slap you on the wrist if you don’t finish an assignment. You’re in charge of your destiny, but we do hope that you will use your time with us wisely.

Worth every penny! I can totally understand people feeling trepidatious and I remember being nervous myself about making the investment BUT the monthly payments turned out to be super manageable and the support given in the group / one on one calls and via email immediately made it feel like I was getting a really high return on investment. Not to mention the positive effect I’m already seeing the program have in my life.
— Julia Somers, E-Commerce Consultant

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Finances & Market Analysis

Talking about money is very hip these days — and it’s about time!

You’re running a business, and even if you’re a QuickBooks wiz, cash flow and strategy is a whole other ballgame.

As we told you before, when we talk about “growth” we mean  “strengthening” and what’s that code for? SECURITY. And that will come with a deep understanding of your money and learning how to anticipate what’s coming (or not) - all of that wrapped in a neat bow we call analysis.

We’ll help you uncover your personal and business financial responsibilities, make sure your goals align with your pricing and service offerings, then explore your cash flow analysis.

When we’re done with finances, we’ll move on to exploring your market. No small feat! We believe in the internet being a beautiful place of information, exploration, and creative fodder. Even if it feels uncomfortable, we want to look at who is doing what you’re doing and figure out where you fit in your industry.

Anchor & Orbit’s Business Foundations Program gave me the tools and philosophies I needed to get my business and my projects on track through process architecting and cash flow analysis. I now have a clear picture of what I’m working with, what I need, and more importantly, what I want.
— Shannon Byrne

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