6-Month Business Support & Foundation Building Program

[is way more fun than it sounds]

set goals | build systems | tackle projects | BE SUPPORTED

We know you very well - maybe better than you know yourself. Helping businesses build a strong foundation is not new for us. With hundreds of businesses having passed through Anchor & Orbit’s programs, we have learned a lot. A few takeaways? We thought you’d never ask:

  • Finding yourself here means you have done the hard work (which has little to do with luck)

  • You (photographers, designers, healthcare professionals, marketing mavens, accountants and more) are creative

  • You mostly work alone, a super tough, but a seemingly inevitable aspect of being a business owner

So far, you’ve figured this out on your own. So, why did our alumni (who are just like you!) thrive in this program? Our past participants consistently tell us that the program changed how they feel about their business for the better: “Relief.” “Happiness.” “Confidence.” “Stability & clarity.” “Worth every penny.”

Each person comes to us because something doesn’t quite feel right. We tap back into what got them to this point, then identify what need to happen next to start making changes. All along the way giving practical advice and building systems. Overall, we take into account their full personhood. Read program testimonials here.

In May 2019 we hopped on a call with some of our alumni. Here’s what they have to say about the program…

Featuring Brittany Luby of Hey Ma Goods, Madeleine Boga of Fieldery, Event & Graphic Designer Claire Seizovic, E-Commerce Consultant Julia Somers, Devin Pope of Kindred Word Studio, Sarah Winshall of Smudge Films, & Meghan Navoy of Rosemarine Textiles

This 6-month business foundations program is exclusive and “high-touch,” meaning that you’re not interacting with pre-recorded videos, but instead you have real, experienced people who are pushing your work to a new level, paying attention to you, and relating the materials to your individual needs.

The program includes reading materials (we call resources) to set the tone for the month ahead, systems to implement in your business immediately, all along with consistent communication with your facilitators. Read more about your fearless leaders here.

We want to start you off on the right foot, and that take us getting to know each other. This is a big investment and commitment, so we want to talk to you about who you are and your goals.  To participate in the program we require you to submit an application & hop on a call with us. It’s easy!

I have to say that taking this course made a huge impact on my personal and business life! I feel more focused and stronger & I obtained many tools to keep this growth.
— Ma'ayan Gutfeld