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We dive into what makes your business special. Together we expand the vision, create plans, and make it happen.



About The Company

The successful business you built from the ground up does not need to be uprooted or reinvented. You created it because your ideas are special and your approach works.

The best word to describe how we work: partnership.

Through growing pains and uncertainty, we’ve got your back. Our holistic approach looks at the big picture and will guide you through the smallest details.


Our Process

As partners, we collaborate on game plans to suit your business’s best interests. Our clientele spans industries; whatever your wheelhouse, if you’re running the show we’ll offer you tools and solutions to maximize your potential.

Services include one-on-one consulting, workshops, and project-based solutions.

We believe in hard work, tough questions, and patience.

from the clients

  • Sarah's ability to connect with my vision and goals at all stages is authentic and comes from an honest place of wanting her clients to succeed.

    — LKL

  • Sarah has helped me take an overwhelmed and overworked mind and organize myself into actionable steps that have led to a less overworked/over-stressed self.

    — MD

  • Even from our first phone call, I could tell Sarah was the right fit for me and just what I needed to take my business to the next level.

    — JL

  • Sarah Schulweis was my number one ally for years. She helped me create structure, research potential avenues for growth, and problem solve during a time of expansion.

    — SK



Collaborate to uncover goals, set timelines, and implement — forward motion for your business and your life.

Before We Begin


Initial Phone Call

We’ll talk about what you do, why you do it, and whether we’re a good fit.



This is the last time that we’ll be working separately; everything from here on is a group effort.


You're in? I'm in!

Let’s build your business.

Our Work


Onboarding & Project Outline

This leads us to strategic business planning.



We’re either working on a project or checking in a few times a month to help you stay on track.





Who We Work With

Our clients enjoy their clients, love to be a part of the community as independent businesses, and value their independent work and lifestyles. 

Our clients also hate to be put in a box, but here are a few types of people we work with.




Systems, plans and ideas for the Independent Business Owner


You want to feel more secure financially and logistically with a bigger and better product offering, expanded services, new workflow systems, or a better understanding of how you fit into your industry.

The Work

Let’s figure out what it means to be an independent business owner or freelancer.

Your goals both creatively and financially are important, and we will link the two to make your life a happier, more sustainable one. Our work together will help you to understand your business’ industry and who you want to be within it.


Our plan of action is just that - actionable! We’ve figured out where you want to go and I hold you accountable for each step to reach your goal.



Small Businesses with big potential and some wrinkles to iron out


You have been running your own business for some time; now, you’re ready to take it to its next level.  

The Work

What does it mean to hire more people? Are there ways you think you could run your business more efficiently or effectively? Where do you need the most help so you can get back to the parts of your job that you love?


You’ve already proven that the way you work has been working, so let’s make it even better. I understand that you’re already busy with the work on your plate, which means I help you figure out how to take on the next project that will help catapult you into the future.



You’re busy! We take on the extra load so your business can move forward


You have a big project idea and want to execute it while keeping your business running full-speed.

You know business and growth take time and effort. We work on your ideas, think outside of the norm, develop your plan, and work on all the steps it will take to make it come to fruition.

The Work

Projects start with a deep discovery of who you are and what this project will bring to your company. The return on your investment is extremely important so our next steps and moves are focused on hiring experts to work and implement your ideas.


The projects we love to work on bring you more business or create a way to make your business more effective and efficient. Check out the services list here.

Does this sound like you?

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Services & Offerings

From one-on-one consulting, business operations, systems, to growth strategy — we are your partner.

Partnership, to us, means that we care about your business’s success just as much as you do. Since we’re talking business strategy, ours is to be your long-term collaborative team. We choose people we like to work with, then work hard — it’s kind of our thing.

Some of the things we do


1:1 Partnerships

Add an extra brain and advocate for your business’s goals. We brainstorm, partner, and move forward.

Business Growth

– Sales
– Promotion
– Product Development
– Crowdfunding

Systems & Operations

– Strategy
– Research
– Financial Planning
– Operations


Deep dive into my

Services & Theories


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