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:: Better Have My Money WORKshop ::

I hear so often about the difficulty individuals and business owners have understanding their finances . . . 

  • Monthly budgets (that stick)

  • Financial projections

  • The ins-and-outs of your financial world

  • Day-to-day spending habits (and how they impact your future)

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! 

My goal is to help you realize that you have enough and you know where it's going.

I've been working to create a workshop to help you stay on top of understanding and managing your financial goals. 

Interested? Have more questions and thoughts around money? 

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Facing your finances is scary (and boring) Trust me, we know.

Finances and the software that comes with it are confusing.

  • Our solution:  At-your-fingertips tools to make it easier for you understand what you actually spend, not what you think you spend. 

What does it all mean?! What is important? How does TODAY affect tomorrow?

  • Our solution: Carve out a budget and a time to review it to effect your immediate and long-term future. 

Eh. I'll do it next month. I don’t have time to deal with this. It will take more time than I have available to tackle this.

  • Our solution: A few hours NOW will have a huge long-term impact. We help you find the time to start on this new path. 

I don't want to know! (or, I’m scared of what awaits me after years of ignoring my finances.)

  • Our solution: Let’s tackle this together. Just like any skill, practice will only make your life easier. With our guidance and the community working alongside you, we can overcome this together.

Accountants and bookkeepers are expensive

  • We hope that this workshop will be an affordable way for you to be in charge of your financial future, saving you time and money long-term


So? What's next? / More details ::

  • 3 hr WORKshop (we’re working, not shopping), month-to-month or quarterly meeting

  • Accountants and bookkeepers ("tutors") available to talk about your general and specific questions

  • The first 45 minutes will be a focused introduction about where to start with your bank statements and the basics of accounting

  • You and 10-15 other friends (or soon to be friends) as sounding boards and accountability partners

  • This will lead into budgeting tips and advice on how to manage your money and keeping yourself accountable. The “tutors” will be there to help you with questions privately or you can open up your questions to the group

Interested? Fill out the questionnaire linked here.

Workshop Outline ::

  • 45 minute opening talk / introduction / q&a

  • 1 hr working on your finances - going through what happened in the most recent months, investigating habits

(whiskey break!?)

  • 1 hr work on 2015 - existing budget, what happened, why, and what to expect for 2016

  • Q&A / one-on-one with tutors throughout the day

Interested? Fill out the questionnaire linked here

If you know anyone who might be interested, please forward this to them and copy me:sarah@anchorandorbit.com. Thank you!