Happy Clients & Kind Words

Sarah has been a guiding light to our company.

I feel like we knew a lot of the things we COULD be doing to grow our business and structure it properly, but she's done an incredible job showing us the select few things we SHOULD be doing.

— Eric Parnell, The NW Collective

It was phenomenal working together.Your work with a breadth of creative professionals gave you a wealth of experience to draw from, and it was immensely helpful to get your perspective on my own work.

You're a master of structure and process – not always my strongest of suits – and having your input and oversight made an otherwise somewhat formless period in my own project into a well-oiled machine. I not only got more done, I also had a better time doing it. A thousand thanks.

— NYTs Best Selling Author

Sarah and I are working on articulating what I do best within my work as a visual artist, and where that work need exist in the world- who will receive the work well, gladly purchase, fund, and promote it. We are also setting up business systems to help my projects and bookkeeping procedures run smoothly.

Sarah is easy to talk to, communicates concepts that I am less comfortable with clearly and continues to present me with exciting avenues for my creative career. She comforts me through moments of fear but challenges me to build more.

She listens earnestly to what is most important to me within my work and translates this to create my small business identity.

I am freshly and quickly infused with positivity and confidence because of our interactions.

— Leah Tumerman, Story Bizarre

It was a pleasure to work with Sarah on developing the visual identity and marketing materials for a new gallery.

Sarah understands the value of aggregating ideas and information, and distilling what the key elements are that need to be communicated.

What's more, her humor and intelligence make her a delight to work with.

— Rose De Heer, Designer

I love Sarah's response time, friendliness, frankness and thinking as a small business needs.

— James Tucker, The Aesthetic Union

Sarah was my number one ally for years. She helped me create structure, research potential avenues for growth, and problem solve during a time of expansion for my small brand that would otherwise have been overwhelming.

Over the past few years, concepts and ideas I had for my business have become realities, and Sarah Schulweis has been an integral part of that.


Since the beginning, I've considered Sarah an invaluable part of my team. She coached me not only to become a freelancer but to take the deeper plunge and start my own design firm.

Her ability to connect with my vision and goals at all stages is authentic and comes from an honest place of wanting her clients to succeed. Sarah is a natural community builder who is proud to share the work of her clients and bring collaborators together.

She has helped to shape my business and community for many years to come.

— Lynn K. Leonidas, Interior Designer

We've just started our journey, but even from our first phone call I could tell you were the right fit for me and just what I needed to take my business to the next level.

You have a very natural way of making a person feel comfortable. You're also adept at getting to the heart of what needs to be done with clarity and organization- just what I needed!

I'm so looking forward to doing the work and seeing the results. Onward!!

— Jen Lauresen, TILT Leather

I hired Sarah to help me with systems and structures for my business. I also needed someone to touch base with weekly to keep me on track. As a solopreneur having another person hold all of my projects and the big AND small pictures was invaluable.

Sarah brings an analytical, strategic mind and an enormous heart. I can't recommend her more highly.

— Rachel Cole, rachelwcole.com

Sarah has helped me take a an overwhelmed and overworked mind and organize myself into actionable steps that have led to a less overworked/over stressed self.

She helps me find ways to take things off my plate, hire the right people, direct my energy towards goals and future visions.

I am well on the way to attaining my goals that found shape through our work together. I credit our work for most/many of the positive changes in my work life.

— Molly DeCoudreaux, photographer

Sarah is an organized, thoughtful individual who is consistently motivated by her own work as well as the folks' she partners with.

Her ideas are fresh, cohesive and constantly evolving around the projects she has taken on; whether those projects are long-term, temporary, or simply casual advice to non-professional acquaintances or clients.

— Sean W. Spellman, Artist & Quiet Life Band

Sarah is a professional in every interaction I've had with her. Not only has she vastly improved the marketing strategies for the gallery and helped expand our market base, we have implemented many of her ideas we to improve our in store experience.

In addition to that, she fundamentally helped in creating a way for us to organize the personnel of the gallery so we can achieve tasks at a higher level.

Through her writing and editing, Sarah has carefully curated our voice for promotional work, so everything is cohesive and consistent with the image we want to portray. It is through these efforts and more, that has helped rehab the reputation of the gallery, from the state the previous owners left it in.I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, as she is thoughtful and attentive, making you think you're her only client!

Her efforts have contributed to our early success, and she will continue to effectively assure the gallery has promising future for many years to come.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, as she is thoughtful and attentive, and makes you feel you're her sole focus! Her efforts have contributed to our early success, and she will continue to effectively assure the gallery has promising future for many years to come.

— Chelsea Thompson, Abrams Claghorn Gallery

Kind words from friends & colleagues

As a creative business owner, long-term visioning and marketing strategy can be a challenge, though Sarah manages to approach the task with experience and ease.

She is an incredibly approachable, articulate, and well-versed consultant who seamlessly blends her passion for problem solving and community building to help both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners launch products, structure their operations, and reach their goals.

Sarah steps in and covers every base, leaving you with the opportunity to do what you do best: create.

— Jessica Comingore

Sarah actually makes it seem possible to have a fulfilling creative career.

— Rose Linke, Poet & Exceptional Creative

Working in an industry that doesn't always have a set path is why I love what I do, but it can also be the hardest part of the job.

Sarah's insight to navigating the creative business world is always spot on and never cookie cutter.

She has helped me connect the dots in ways I never would have come up with on my own on many an occasion. She's a true gem!

— Maggie Wilson, Head of Production for Shelter CO.

Sarah is highly competent and really bright. She plays well with others in teams.

She holds herself to a personal standard of excellence that is revealed in her work, and against which her peers can measure themselves.

— Joey Tamer, SOS Inc