set goals | build systems | tackle projects | BE SUPPORTED

Owning a business doesn’t have to be all mystery.

We help you feel more supported in the work you do because we know the patterns, the traps, and the ways to find your path. After working with hundreds of businesses we see similar threads in the struggles and joys of growth. This program helps you build a logistical foundation while upholding your ideals and goals.

A few things you should know about us:

  1. We don’t do “sales” — you won’t find us doing “free webinars,” nor are there discount incentives, or false deadlines. We’re a no-BS type of crew. We KNOW the work we do works so we don’t need tricks or gimmicks or formulas. If what we say resonates, we’d love to explore that with you.

  2. We don’t have all the answers and this isn’t a silver bullet — this program was built around experience with hundreds of businesses and a one-on-one support system to tailor the program to support each participant.

  3. This program is not for everyone and there is an application for a reason — the process helps us figure out if you are a good fit for us. After the application is complete, Sarah (our founder) will schedule a call so you can talk about what you’re facing and she can explain the program in its entirety.

  4. We coach not cheerlead — we want to you achieve your goals so we create a game plan with a clear finish line. We’ll pick you up when you fall, but you’re in charge of your destiny.

This isn’t a passive income project for us. We maintain a high-touch environment where you have experienced people (in real-time!) helping bring your work to a new level, paying attention to you, and relating the materials to your individual needs.


  • Strengthen the essential parts of your business such as productivity planning, goal outlines, financial growth plans, and systems

  • Give you exercises that aren't busy work, but definitely work

  • Find opportunities for growth and a happier day-to-day life

  • We remind you of your strengths to help you stay true to your individual routines and needs

  • Create and compile information that is accessible, approachable, and applicable

what we are not

We are not: Convenient. There’s never enough time unless you make the time. You can wait until next quarter, next year, or next decade. There will never be enough time unless you prioritize it.

We are not: Creating “Passive Income” for Ourselves. There are a lot of online programs available these days, which is great - the more the merrier! We built ours to be interactive, malleable and, of course, effective. The key differentiation for us is that the materials aren’t the end, they’re just the beginning. You work and our writing is where we start. Throughout the program we’re right there with you, checking your assignments, answering your emails, showing up to workshop days, and having one-on-one sessions.

We are not: For everyone. We’re dedicated, a little “woo” and really care for our people. We take a holistic approach to your business and don’t feel that every answer/road/path is for everyone. We leave room for questions, new perspectives, and boundaries.

We are not: School. We aren’t the principal waiting to slap you on the wrist if you don’t finish an assignment. You’re in charge of your destiny, but we do hope that you will use your time with us wisely.

Working with Sarah was like slipping into a warm bath. I felt enveloped by her guidance and support throughout the program.
— Madeleine Boga, The Fieldery