set goals | build systems | tackle projects | BE SUPPORTED

Our program helps you build the foundation, create the systems, and choose the projects that will sustain and evolve your business.

The facilitators are experienced business owners and guide you and your business toward growth--on your terms. This program is the catalyst for deep shifts at the core of your being that reverberate out into your industry.

Our participants are busy -- yes-- but they make time anyway because their business depends on it. Our participants know that what got them here won’t get them where they want to go.

“If I want to continue working for myself, mission accomplished. The Program has taught me the business fundamentals that I needed.”

Our participants have control over how much time they spend on each subject and are given the opportunity to deep dive, skim, or return to prior assignments. Overall, each type of person that participates thrives by dedicating time away from their usual routine. This new focus aids in growth & transformation.


  • ... are new & seasoned business owners who need an re-boot, whether that's emotional or logistical

  • ... in a growth phase, and want help getting to the next level

  • ... love what they do, but feel a little tired and lost

  • ... want to figure out the why, how, when of their work 

Give yourself a break from being your own advocate and examine the foundations of your business. Each aspect of the business we cover is worth diving into deeply and rejiggering. And! You will have support every step of the way!

“I was at a standstill. I thought I was growing but I wasn’t actually. Doing the Program took my business to the next level.”

The course materials were a wonderful mix of research and the interpretation of that research. It made the materials feel relatable.
— Zinzi Edmundson, Knit Wit Magazine