Welcome! Here is an overview of the program schedule and some of the most frequently asked questions. Email your facilitator or Program@anchorandorbit.com with your own questions as they arise.

Month 0 & 1: Ideal Schedule & Discovery: Weeks 1-4, Nov 5 - Nov 30th

Month 2: Goal Breakdown & Timeline Scheduling: Weeks 5-8, Dec 3 - Dec 28

Month 3: Finances, Cashflow: Weeks 9-12, Dec 31 - Jan 25

Month 4: Market Analysis: Weeks 13-16, Jan 28-Feb 22

Month 5: Systems: Weeks 17-20, Feb 25-March 22

Month 6: Review & Refine: Weeks 21-24, March 25-April 19

Technical & Assignment Issues: program@anchorandorbit.com

Where do we find our materials?

You can find your materials in the Pathwright platform. If you don’t see your invite by November 4th, check your spam and reach out to us program@anchorandorbit.com

How do I book my 1:1 call with Sarah?

Here is a link to book your calls. If you have extenuating circumstances and none of the timeframes work for you, please email us.

When can I book a call? How many at a time?

It would be ideal for you to book all of your calls in advance. You have approximately 1 call per month (five throughout the program).

It’s better for everyone’s schedules to just get your call in there. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, so please do let us know ASAP if you need to change the time or move the call completely.  

How should I manage naming/keeping track of my assignments?

  1. Rename as you wish (keeping the week and assignment numbers will help you navigate)

  2. "OK" to save, access & edit

How shall I prepare for the co-working/workshop calls?

A few things to think about:

1- We will start the call talking about what you might be working on, so if there’s any one time that you can make the call happen, come for the first 30-45 minutes.

2- Once we get through some explanations of the assignments at hand, we’ll field some questions. Prepare specific questions for us so we can jump right into getting you past the roadblocks and onto your work.

3- Outside of us answering questions and talking at you, this time is meant to help you set aside a few focused hours to get that work done. We know, as distance collaborators ourselves, sometimes it’s nice to be held accountable for the work by having another person “on the line.” We’re also there for you in real time, which means those hiccups will be sorted quickly.

I’m stuck OR I want my facilitator to look at a specific part of my assignment, how do I ask for that?

We love to help! Simply highlight the word or section that will help point us in the direction, create a “comment” and @ our email addresses. Sarah@anchorandorbit.com and/or Devin@anchorandorbit.com will be best. We have time set aside to review your work each week, but if there’s a time-sensitive section or specific question, we love to hear from you.

When will you read through my assignments?

We review your work within 48 hours of your ping. A ping can just let us know you’ve completed the assignment or can ask a question, or request specific feedback. If you don't ping us in your assignments, we have time set aside each week to review and strategize. If something is urgent, please feel free to email us.

Success is a squeaky wheel :)