Schedule & Goal Planning & Systems

We heart planning—

The first few weeks cover key components of the program with introduction journals, uncovering your current daily/weekly/monthly schedule & tasks. This is the first “what’s really happening” for you. It gives us peek into your real life. When we know what you’re up against, we can know more about how to help you.

Next, you’ll fill out the discovery docs, which leads to working on your BIG goal planning docs. The systems section shows up at the end, but it’s worth mentioning here that throughout the program we are working on the systems for your business. It’s hard work that takes time!

As you’re working on these first sections, you’ll have opportunities to engage with your facilitators during your “workshop” hours and have your first (or second) one-on-one call.

Sarah helped me to outline my goals for the future of my business and then break them down into actionable steps. ... I feel so much more secure in my role as a biz lady after taking the A&O course!

Meet The Facilitator: Devin Pope

What are your favorite parts of the program? The Discovery section will always have a special place in my heart because that’s where I was able to get things out of my head and start to make sense of them. My secret favorite part of the program is that the assignments keep growing with me. There is never “done forever,” and I love that. I might get my competitive analysis done to a point that serves me well, but then a month or two later I can go back in and add to it and make new discoveries. Read more from Devin.

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